How to work with Obsidian

Jun 24, 2024

Pink Flower

Obsidian can be a great work companion, especially when your vault is neatly organized. 

A built-in feature I use for work-related tasks is the “daily note” button that lies in the sidebar on the left side. 

All I do is click on the calendar icon and it will create a new note with today’s date. What I usually do afterwards is write the tasks I need to complete the given day, completely unformatted.

And to finish, I just open the File Organizer Sidebar to:

  1. Apply an AI template that automatically adds checkboxes to all tasks and groups them where it makes sense. 

  2. Add tags.

  3. Move the file to the most relevant folder (Pro/Daily) in my case.

That’s it. That’s how I keep my professional to-do list organized in Obsidian. No painful manual formatting and files always end up where I expect to find them.

I like a minimalist approach for these types of things. Huge SaaS platforms with endless features always feel a bit of an overkill. So if you’re used to apple notes, or Notion, but need a little extra capabilities, you should give Obsidian a try. It has tons of plugins that can make your life easier.